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April 25, 2018

I am preparing for a photo trip to the Camas Prairie to try and capture the purple camas lily bloom that occurs in late May and early June.  Then off to the City of Rocks for 3 days. I hear it's incredibly beautiful there, and back in the 80's I was an addicted rock climber. Might just find a boulder suited for a mature climber.

After that I will be in the Beartooth's of Montana for a week or more. This is the area I did most of my rock climbing.  This is a magical place for me as I spent a lot of years exploring this area.

Here is a link to the Camas if your interested in this event:

I am also providing a link to the City of Rocks:

I am including a link to everything you ever wanted to know about the Beartooths:

December 20, 2017

Got my final update to LightRoom 6.14 yesterday.  Did not have anything new in this update as I expected.

Here is another good article on Lightroom type product comparisons:

October 27, 2017

My beloved Lightroom will be no more on my desktop, although I will continue to use it as long as possible.  Everything is moving to cloud based subscription only and I won't be paying a monthly fee to anyone! I did get an upgrade to Version 6.13 today, but still don't have 'Remove Haze'. 

I am attaching an article describing other solutions:

I have looked at Luminar, Affinity and DxO Photolab, and DxO comes close to providing something like Lightroom, but not ready to commit just yet.

September 17, 2017

I was hoping to get to the ghost towns of Garnet, Comet, Elkhorn , Bannack and Basin in Montana, but smoke from area fires has been horrible, and now they have snow warnings in this area. Might have to wait till next spring.

August 15, 2017

It's harvest time on the Palouse!  Met some of the nicest folks today near Tekoa.  3rd generation farmers who love what they do. They were extremely helpful in suggesting areas where I could go on their property to get some great photographs. It was a beautiful day as most of the haze from the fires had cleared off for the day.

Aug 5, 2017

I purchased my last two camera lenses from Canon as refurbished and saved quite a bit.  I have been very happy with the quality and would purchase from them again.

August 4, 2017

Posted some new pictures of the ghost town at Gilmore Idaho.  I spent 3 days photographing some of the buildings I missed on the first trip.  Posted some new sand pictures at St Anthony Idaho. I was there for a  week taking photos and exploring the capabilities of my new Mavic Pro drone. 

I have made several trips to the Palouse to photograph the harvest, but with the hot weather and fires west of us, the haze is just too much to deal with.  The long range forecast is pretty much the same, hot and hazy...

July 6, 2017

I use Adobe LightRoom for managing and editing my photographs on my iMac.  Although lots of people use LightRoom or PhotoShop to add elements to their photos that were not on the original photograph,  I do not. Once in a while I might crop the photo or straighten it and occasionally do make minor exposure / contrast adjustments. If it wasn't in the viewfinder when I snapped the picture then it doesn't belong.

At any rate here are some useful links to LightRoom Coffee Break videos:

June 23, 2017

Posted lots of images from the all the ghost towns in Idaho except for Leesburg.  The topper door on my pickup failed and I needed to cut the trip short. I did not feel comfortable sleeping in the back of the pickup with a topper door I could not close because a mountain lion had been spotted in the area and I was also in bear country.

Additional information on Bayhorse Idaho:,_Idaho

Link for additional information on the Bonanza and Custer ghost towns:

Additional information on Burke Idaho:,_Idaho

Additional information on Gilmore Idaho:

Here is an interesting link with additional information on the Yankee Fork Dredge:

June 18, 2017

Heading out for a couple of weeks to photograph numerous ghost towns in Idaho.  Hope to visit Burke, Shoup, Leesburg, Bayhorse, Bonanza, Custer, Sunbeam, Yankee Fork Dredge and Gilmore. Most of these places are not motor home friendly, so I will be camping out in the back of my Dodge Ram pickup, roughing it... Supposed to be nice for the next week, so here's hoping the light is right!

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